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How We Treat

-Real Life Adaptation


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Mobilization is basically “loosening” your body. Through overuse, injury, prolonged positions, faulty motions, etc. our body tightens up. When motion is restricted with this tightening, pain patterns arise. There are various ways we help to mobilize the body in our clinic when restricted:

-Active Release Techniques or ART
-Myofascial release
-Chiropractic adjustments
…and many other techniques

This is the first place we begin looking when assessing a patient. Without first loosening these restriction regions it is difficult to get sustained results when trying to stabilize and strengthen weak areas of the body.


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Stabilization is another way to say “strengthening” a region. As we begin to loosen tight regions we often find that there are weaknesses and muscle imbalances in these areas that feed into the restriction motion patterns we find. At Peak Performance we follow these patterns closely and customize stabilization and strengthening programs to bring your healing to the next level.

Our doctors have numerous hours of post grad training in recommending appropriate exercises for your specific circumstance. We will support and guide you along your way to creating the stability you need for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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This is what really separates our clinic from others, is real life adaptation to your needs! Does a baseball pitcher need the same exercises as a gymnast? Or how about a weekend running warrior versus the hard-working stay at home mom? No, absolutely not! As we work through mobilizing and stabilizing your body we will customize your care to the high end athletic performance or regular day-to-day activities that YOU want to perform.

We will teach you how to recognize when you are falling into bad patterns and how to stop and correct them yourself without having to run to our clinic every time something doesn’t feel right. Thus empowering you to take control over your physical lifestyle.



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